Let’s Paint!

I have come across some of the greatest painting painting projects lately, here are just a few:

Fancy Rocks
 How cute are these painted rock garden markers by Crafts by Amanda?!? Click HERE to go to her page and read more about this fun and useful little craft.

Hart Party

I can’t say enough good things about Cinnamon the Art Sherpa. She’s a little quirky sometimes, but boy can this woman help a true beginner like myself make something that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to hang somewhere in my home. This is a 90 minute video that took me and 8 of my girlfriends 3 hours to do, but it was soooo worth it. All of our paintings turned out great and I’m looking forward to doing another one of her paintings with the moms of Sippy Cups again soon! Click HERE to watch Cinnamon’s How to paint Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night Sunflowers beginner online painting lesson painting party video on YouTube.

More videos by Cinnamon the Art Sherpa that I haven’t tried, but want to:

More Random YouTube Painting Videos

So far I’ve hosted four YouTube painting parties at my house and the secret to my success was the cheap paint, canvases and brushes I bought at Michael’s (use a 40% off coupon!) as well as the easels I got on Amazon.